Remote Support Tool

Kloudfyre Networks offers remote support for our applications using Splashtop remote support software.

The remote maintenance software “Splashtop” enables our support staff to see your screen and/or to control your computer remotely to offer assistance.


You are about to establish a joint meeting with a Kloudfyre Networks technical support team member. Please note: by starting the Splashtop Remote software you automatically agree to the liability disclaimer.

We recommend that you exit any application you have open that is displaying content, such as personal or confidential information, before initiating a remote access services session with us.  We further recommend that you remain at your computer throughout the entire remote access services

By clicking on the button you hereby confirm your acceptance of the terms of this disclaimer and give consent to allow the Kloudfyre Networks support team member control of your computer. Please note that the service is only available during our business hours and subject to prior arrangement by telephone or support ticket with our support staff.

  1. The advisor cannot access your computer without your express consent.
  2. The advisor cannot collaborate with you without your express consent.
  3. Data will not be removed from your computer unnoticed and without authorization


The custom link provided ensures that you will be connected to a Kloudfyre Networks support staff member.

  1. Every Splashtop session is protected by industry standard TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption. Splashtop security features also help support HIPAA,    FERPA, and
    ISO 27001 compliance.
  2. Please find detailed information about the security of Splashtop at
  3. You can end the session at any given time.