OPTICS evaluates an organization’s security posture to determine if a breach has occurred or is actively occurring. Knowing whether your organization has been breached and identifying ways to reduce risk is crucial.  Our Breach Assessments can help to determine when, where, and how a breach occurred, your attack surface, vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to prevent future incidents. OPTICS can also be useful for some regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

Our Breach Assessment utilizes a methodology for identifying risks, security incidents, and ongoing threat actor in a network environment. The assessment identifies ongoing compromises and malicious access carried out by advanced threat actors.


At the end of the assessment, a detailed report is provided that details:

• A list of vulnerabilities detected
• The risk state of the environment
• Strategic and tactical recommendations for remediation


  • Proactively determine if a network has been compromised
  • Identify areas of risk to better protect against a future attack
  • Provides recommendations for furthering your organization’s ability to effectively detecting and responding to future incidents