Prevent sophisticated attacks that conventional email security solutions miss, while protecting against data leakage, malware, and phishing.

Full-Suite Protection

Our platform utilizes a combination of our processes like the implementation of email standards such as DMARC and BIMI,  data loss controls, and advanced anti-phishing technology to detect and and respond to email threats before it reaches your inbox.

No DNS Changes Required – No change to MX records means that enabling advance email security does not interrupt user experience in cloud applications, and prevents threat actors from knowing what solution is protecting your environment.



We utilize machine-learning models trained on attacks that get past Microsoft 365 and GSuite, analyzing over 300 indicators per message. SaaS integration provides role-based models and tight mailbox control to catch what external email gateways cannot.

Zero-Day Phishing

Multiple real time sandboxing, and A.I. active- content analysis tools work in parallel to identify malicious content in less time and with fewer false positives than any single product alone.

Account Takeover 

We analyze every user event across multiple SaaS, comparing historical behavior, anomalous activity, and profiles of real-world breaches to identify attacks in real time.


Data Leak Protection

Identify confidential data using industry leading tools. Enforce regulatory compliance (PCI,HIPAA,SOX,etc.) across all your SaaS with cloud- aware, context-sensitive, policy work flows.


Automate the encryption of sensitive files whether shared internally, via email, or public share without deploying new infrastructure, using the protocols you already know and trust.


Shadow IT

Identify risky cloud services your employees are using in the office or at home that have been connected to your approved SaaS accounts, without redirecting traffic or using a proxy.

SIEM Integration

Correlate user and file events from all SaaS, combining them with real- time reports of the security stack, so you can monitor the cloud with your existing SIEM.

Want to know what advanced threats are getting through your existing email security solution and into your end users’ mailboxes?