The workforce is no longer confined to a desk within an office. Consider an worker equipped with a smartphone and laptop that works from home, from a customer site, coffee shop, or while on vacation. The worker is accessing company emails, files, cloud services, and may even visit non-corporate websites and download files and application from various sources. Without the necessary protections, this worker is constantly at risk of exposing business data to malware and other threats.

How it works

EDGE combines a suite of advanced technologies that features multiple layers of protection to identify and block threats, validate user identifies, and leverages Zero-trust technology to stop threats like ransomware and fileless malware from spreading.  This allows for endpoints to be protected regardless of the location and method of connectivity to the internet.

EDGE ensures privacy and security when connecting public WiFi, connecting from foreign countries, and using other untrusted networks. web traffic and DNS queries are inspected then encrypted to defend against man-in-the-middle attacks, and preventing ISPs from collecting and viewing private data like DNS queries.


  • Endpoint Protection
  • Web and DNS Security Controls
  • Patch Health & Compliance
  • Disk Encryption Management
  • Workforce Identity Access
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Storage & Application Controls